ISACA Day 2015

The annual ISACA Day was held on 30th October 2015 at Temasek Polytechnic’s lecture theatre. The audience involved are the students from the Diploma in Digital Forensics and Cyber Digital Security.

The TP-ISACA Student Interest were honored to have invited 3 guest speakers from the ISACA Singapore Chapter committee.

They are:-

Mr Lance Peng, Assistant Manager
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Director (Academic Outreach)

Mr Gerry Chng, Partner of Ernst & Young
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Director (Program – Workshop)

Ms Jenny Tan, Director of PwC
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Assistant Hon. Treasurer

The event had kicked off with the objective of ISACA Day 2015 by Ngo Tee Koon, the current President of TP-ISACA Student Interest Group. Mr Lance Peng then started off with a background introduction of himself and his fellow committee members.

After which, Ms Jenny took over and shared her experiences as an auditor. In the auditing industry, there are many different types of auditors such as the finance and operations auditors. She also mentioned that being an auditor can be stressful at times, but the pleasure of it comes from the travelling portion. External clients can come from different companies all over the world, and as an auditor, they would be able to travel frequently as part of their job scope! Ms Jenny also addressed certain misconceptions of an auditor. One misconception is that people may tend to think that the auditors are similar to a police officer where they go around “arresting” people for their wrongdoings. However, she explained that it’s not the case. An auditor plays a significant role to ensure that things are running in order, and should there be any discrepancies, the auditor would provide professional advises to the person-in-charge for the assigned task to run smoothly.


Ms Jenny explaining the requirements as an auditor

Following on, Mr Gerry Chng then shared his journey from a student to his current endeavour. He completed his degree studies in Communications Engineering and proceeded on with a job as an engineer. Despite being specialized in engineering, his passion still lies within the IT sector. Hence, he had decided to pursue his interest in the IT industry. The main aim of his speech is to inspire the student audience to either do what they love, or love what they do.


Mr Gerry Chng providing his speech

Mr Lance Peng then took over the time and shared the various certifications that was offered by the ISACA Singapore Chapter. Some professional certifications include CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC. He also gave the audience an insight of ISACA Singapore Chapter, elaborating on the various activities that the committee are involved with.


Mr Lance Peng explaining the activities from ISACA Singapore Chapter

The event had concluded with refreshments being served. It was an insightful speech given by the guest speakers and once again the organizing committee would like to extend the gratitude to Mr Lance Peng, Mr Gerry Chng and Ms Jenny for the time taken off their schedule to share their knowledge and experiences to the students for ISACA Day 2015.


Mr Willie (TP’s Lecturer) engaging in small talks with Mr Gerry Chng


Refreshments served (1)


Refreshments served (2)

Annual General Meeting 2015‏

On the 7th July 2015, the Annual General Meeting for Informatics and IT Studies Club (IITSC) was held at  the Auditorium 3. This meeting aims to not only introduce the new management committee of the IITSC but also present certificates and letter of appointments to the new batch of  committee members from various Student Interest Group including ISACA Student Group.

The new committee for ISACA Student Group AY 15/16  are as follows.

President: Ngo Tee Koon
Vice President(s): Lim Wei Han Ronald, Kok Li Wei Jannel
Secretary: Abigail See
Treasurer: Lim Yu Xi
Publicity Officer(s): Poh Kai Jun, Ho Yi Wei Janice
Events Manager: Andy Aw

Congratulations to all the new committee members for ISACA-TPSG!

Certification Presentation

Certification Presentation

VIPs Visit to Forensics Lab

With the opening of the IT Security and Forensics Hub at Temasek Polytechnic on the 27th July 2015, students from the TP ISACA Student Group were honored to give Minister for Communications and Information and Minister-in-charge of Cyber Security Dr Yaacob Ibrahim and several industrial guests a tour in the Forensics Lab. The esteemed visitors were mainly introduced to the workflow involved and forensic tools utilized in a forensic investigation.

In the midst of preparing forensic tools

In the midst of preparing forensic tools

The students have demonstrated the first stage of an investigation – acquisition by connecting the mobile device evidence to the UFed touch from Cellbrite which is used in mobile forensics investigation. Subsequently, an extraction of the phone data to the removable drive is performed. The importance of ensuring that no data would be written into the original evidence while the original evidence is being copied is emphasized as well, as the students present a forensic tool called write-blocker.

Next, proceeding to the analysis stage of an investigation, Physical Analyzer, a software also developed by Cellbrite, was shown to the guests. The software displays a variety of data sources stored in the mobile device that allows investigators to analyze the patterns of the suspect’s behavior.

Finally, at the last stage – reporting, the students illustrated the use of Encase, an industry standard forensic tool, by presenting the important information in an organized and structured manner. Additionally, UFed Link Analysis, another forensic tool used for reporting, was exhibited. It is able to correlate evidence that has been acquired to the case and automatically generates a timeline which would be included in the report for submission in court.

With the quick overview of the forensics tools and workflow stages, the tour with Dr Yaacob and the valued visitors has successfully ended.


ACE Certification Workshop 2015

The ACE Workshop, organised for Digital Forensics students, was held from 10 to 12 June 2015 for the participants that had signed up for the certification.

The first day of the workshop had commenced with the familiarization of FTK and FTK Imager, bringing the participants in depth to the registry viewer, regular expressions for searching purposes and the processing of a case.

Instructor Kin Zhong teaching on FTK Imager & Registry Viewer

Instructor Kin Zhong teaching on FTK Imager & Registry Viewer

Instructor Leon teaching on FTK's features

          Instructor Leon teaching on FTK’s features

On the second day, how a case can be narrowed and filtered was being taught. The common artifacts such as Thumbs.db and Metadata were being brought into discussion as well. For an investigator, its common to review cases where certain files were encrypted with a password. Hence, Password Recovery ToolKit (PRTK) was being taught to the participants in the process of recovering the password for a particular encrypted document. The participants were also guided through in how a file system can be encrypted by a user and the algorithm behind such encryption protocol. Finally, the procedure in how a case can be generated into a report concluded the teaching course.

Ultimately, on the last day of the workshop, it’s time for the participants to apply what they had learnt in the online test carried out by AccessData. There were 40 MCQ questions involved with a time limit of 90 minutes. The questions comprises of both theory and practical questions, where the practical questions require the students to go through the given image in order to answer them correctly.

20150612_131956 20150612_131927

The entire ACE Workshop had finally ended off with most of them passing the examination. Congratulations to the new batch of students who are now certified as an AccessData Examiner!

Name Admin Number
Leow Chen Kai 1302481E
Wan Teng Chew Spencer 1403289J
Andy Aw 1305943A
Tay Yong Jun Donovan Murdoch 1303859A
Kevin Tan 1400110A
Chan Jian Hao 1404563G
Chua Chiang Sheng, Andy 1403084E
Leow Wen Siong 1400438F
Lee Mei Hui, Adeline 1405312H
Tan Aik Kiong Samson 1301735E
Muhamad Afiq Busari 1406296B
Ong Chang Hong 1403204I
Jerold Nay Li Cong 1303658G

Special thanks to the instructors, Kin Zhong, Leon, Clara, Zhi Wei and Yu Xi who had provided their assistance by guiding the participants through the entire workshop!

A selfie to end off the workshop!

A selfie to end off the workshop on the last day!

PCS Security Video Forensics Workshop – LEVA Digital Multimedia Processing

Proudly sponsored by PCS Security, a 1-day Video Forensics workshop by Leva International, Inc was being held at Temasek Polytechnic for some of the Seniors in Digital Forensics. The trainers were experienced Forensics Video analyst with extensive experience in video/audio evidence analysis, management of large-scale CCTV system and investigation and documentation of homicides.  They had also worked in US law enforcement agency and had much field experience to share.

The workshop began with a lecture in Video Forensics where the instructor went in depth with the various tasks assigned to a video forensics technician and an analyst respectively. After which, they carried on with the hands-on practical training. The training was started off with the analysis of the various images to determine their authenticity in whether they had been modified. The various tools used in steganography, be it seeking for the hidden file from an image or hiding a file within an image, was being introduced as well. The practical session also comprised of the techniques in Motion Tracking using Avid Media Composer and Frame Averaging using Adobe Photoshop CS6 to reduce the digital noises in the image.

Last but not least, to sum up the workshop, the instructors had provided the students a real case scenario encountered during investigation and how video forensics had helped to recognize the suspect who was then eventually sentenced to prison for the crime committed.

Digital multimedia plays a big part in criminology, and with the various video forensics processing techniques, it had essentially aid investigations to a large extent. Hence, it was an honorable opportunity for the students to participate in this workshop, gaining an insight to video forensics and how it actually contributes to solving a crime.

With that, the workshop had ended with a group photo (as shown below) which includes the instructors and the participants.


DFS Get Together Day 2015

The long-awaited annual DFS Get Together Day was finally held on 8th May 2015. Having a day off from the hectic academic schedule of the students, this day aims to provide a platform for the Freshmen, Juniors and Seniors to interact more with one another, and most importantly, to have fun!

Before the main activity was being commenced, food catering was being served for the participants. The students mingled among themselves outside the LT while helping themselves with the food provided.

Finally, the fun part of the event is about to begin when the students report back to the LT for the briefing of the activity – Who is the Murderer?


While waiting for the briefing to start


There are 9 main characters for the murder plot, and the task of the participants is to figure out who the victims are and of course, who the murderer is. Observational and inferential skills were being tested here where the participants have to actively search for the clues and puzzles in the stations (“murder crime scenes”) to reconstruct the whole murder scenario. The winner will be the team that is the fastest in completing the stations and also getting the answers right.

In order to allow the students to interact more among their course-mates, the students were grouped up in teams of 4, which comprises of students from different classes.

After which, to determine which are the teams that goes to the stations first, a mini game called “Takinoko” was being played. The teams that did not win would be held in the holding room whereas the other teams would proceed on with the stations first.


During the mini game play session

After the mini-game play, the teams departed to their allocated location. The teams that remained in the holding room mingled among themselves, perhaps deriving with a strategy or just a chit-chat session with their course-mates from another class.

IMG_4802 IMG_4808 IMG_5167

So, who is the ultimate murderer? To figure that out, every group went through all 4 compulsory murder crime scenes before heading to the last station to narrate their final conclusion to the master of the station.

The stations are dark… and the teams had to use any light sources they possess to figure out the clues located in each respective stations that could potentially point to the suspect, or what had happened to the person that was dead.


Taking photos of evidences left behind the murder scene?


Discussing with the team-mates regarding the evidences retrieved


Group photo with a team!


Team photo with another group!

Here are some clues that were found by the teams themselves in the respective stations.

Upon receiving the clues from all 4 stations, the teams proceeded on with an intense discussion among themselves to figure out what had exactly happened – who had killed who?

IMG_5059 IMG_5050 IMG_5043 IMG_5117 IMG_5124 IMG_5148 IMG_5063

Finally, after the thorough discussion within the respective teams, each team had to enter the final station and present their answers to… someone inside the room.


Oh, hi there, are you that someone?


Or is it you?

After all the teams had completed all the stations, they reported back to the holding room for the revelation of what had exactly occurred in the various stations they had went to. The event had ended off with the prize ceremony of the winners for the activity which was presented by our Course Manager, Ms Lock. Congratulations to the teams that had won!

IMG_5197 IMG_5199


This marks the end of DFS Get Together Day 2015 and with that, sit back, relax and enjoy the photos taken during the event.

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Governance Technology Audit, Control and Security Conference (GTACS) 2015

Proudly organized by ISACA Singapore Chapter, the Governance Technology Audit, Control and Security Conference (2015) was held at The Sands Expo and Convention Center from 3rd to 6th March.

TP ISACA Student Group had deployed students to assist various segments of the event such as registration and ushering. The students are honored to be present for some of the conference sessions while helping out for the event.

Some of our students helpers for the conference

Some of our students helpers for the conference

The key note and session speakers for the conference are as per follow:-


Mr. Damien Pang Tee Kin, Deputy Director (Technology Risk Supervision) of Monetary Authority of Singapore

Mr. Erik Wilgenhof Plante, Chief Compliance Officer of itBit Pte Ltd

Dr. Madan M. Oberoi, Director (Cyber Innovation & Outreach) of INTERPOL

Mr. Steve Durbin, Managing Director of ISF Limited


Mr. Aaron Tan Dani, Chairman and Founder of IASA Asia Pacific

Mr. Chan Meng Fai, IT Auditor of Singapore Airlines

Mr. Christopher Low, Co-Founder of ThinkSECURE Ptd Ltd

Mr. Henry Ee, Managing Director of BCP Asia Ptd Ltd

Mr. John Ellis, Enterprise Security Director of Akamai Technologies

Ms. Joyce Chua Lee Keng, Assistant Vice President (Group Internal Audit) of Singapore Post Ltd

Mr. Lee Chee Yong, Agile Practice Lead of NCS Ptd Ltd

Mr. Lim Kian Kim, Head of Corporate Compliance and Data Protection of Joseph Tan Jude Benny LLP

Mr. Pierre Noel, Chief Security Officer, Advisor of Microsoft

Dr. S.P.T. Krishnan, Laboratory Head (Embedded/Mobile Security) of Institute for Infocomm Research

Mr. Tao Yao Sing, Assistant Director of Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore

Mr. Thomas Kok, Head of Group Business Continuity Management of DBS Bank

Mr. Tommy Seah, Chief Fraud Examiner of CFE-In-Practice

Mr. Rajeev Andharia, Director of Business Technology Partner Pte Ltd

Mr. Viktor Pozgay, Head of Information Risk Management (Enterprise Security Services) of Asia Pacific & Japan Hewlett-Packard Company

***More details regarding the various speakers can be found on the official GTACS website (

GTACS 2015 had provided the student helpers a good exposure to the industry seminars and conferences while executing their responsibility as a helper. In recognition of their efforts contributed to the conference, the President of ISACA Singapore Chapter had thus issued Certificate(s) of Participation in appreciation and recognition of their invaluable service that had contributed to the success of GTACS 2015.

Certificate of Participation issued to our student helpers

Certificate of Participation issued to our student helpers

It was an enjoyable experience for the student helpers and we hope to receive the honorable opportunity again to be part of GTACS 2016!