DFS Get Together Day 2015

The long-awaited annual DFS Get Together Day was finally held on 8th May 2015. Having a day off from the hectic academic schedule of the students, this day aims to provide a platform for the Freshmen, Juniors and Seniors to interact more with one another, and most importantly, to have fun!

Before the main activity was being commenced, food catering was being served for the participants. The students mingled among themselves outside the LT while helping themselves with the food provided.

Finally, the fun part of the event is about to begin when the students report back to the LT for the briefing of the activity – Who is the Murderer?

While waiting for the briefing to start


There are 9 main characters for the murder plot, and the task of the participants is to figure out who the victims are and of course, who the murderer is. Observational and inferential skills were being tested here where the participants have to actively search for the clues and puzzles in the stations (“murder crime scenes”) to reconstruct the whole murder scenario. The winner will be the team that is the fastest in completing the stations and also getting the answers right.

In order to allow the students to interact more among their course-mates, the students were grouped up in teams of 4, which comprises of students from different classes.

After which, to determine which are the teams that goes to the stations first, a mini game called “Takinoko” was being played. The teams that did not win would be held in the holding room whereas the other teams would proceed on with the stations first.

During the mini game play session

After the mini-game play, the teams departed to their allocated location. The teams that remained in the holding room mingled among themselves, perhaps deriving with a strategy or just a chit-chat session with their course-mates from another class.

IMG_4802 IMG_4808 IMG_5167

So, who is the ultimate murderer? To figure that out, every group went through all 4 compulsory murder crime scenes before heading to the last station to narrate their final conclusion to the master of the station.

The stations are dark… and the teams had to use any light sources they possess to figure out the clues located in each respective stations that could potentially point to the suspect, or what had happened to the person that was dead.

Taking photos of evidences left behind the murder scene?
Discussing with the team-mates regarding the evidences retrieved
Group photo with a team!
Team photo with another group!

Here are some clues that were found by the teams themselves in the respective stations.

Upon receiving the clues from all 4 stations, the teams proceeded on with an intense discussion among themselves to figure out what had exactly happened – who had killed who?

IMG_5059 IMG_5050 IMG_5043 IMG_5117 IMG_5124 IMG_5148 IMG_5063

Finally, after the thorough discussion within the respective teams, each team had to enter the final station and present their answers to… someone inside the room.

Oh, hi there, are you that someone?
Or is it you?

After all the teams had completed all the stations, they reported back to the holding room for the revelation of what had exactly occurred in the various stations they had went to. The event had ended off with the prize ceremony of the winners for the activity which was presented by our Course Manager, Ms Lock. Congratulations to the teams that had won!

IMG_5197 IMG_5199


This marks the end of DFS Get Together Day 2015 and with that, sit back, relax and enjoy the photos taken during the event.

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