ISACA Day 2015

The annual ISACA Day was held on 30th October 2015 at Temasek Polytechnic’s lecture theatre. The audience involved are the students from the Diploma in Digital Forensics and Cyber Digital Security.

The TP-ISACA Student Interest were honored to have invited 3 guest speakers from the ISACA Singapore Chapter committee.

They are:-

Mr Lance Peng, Assistant Manager
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Director (Academic Outreach)

Mr Gerry Chng, Partner of Ernst & Young
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Director (Program – Workshop)

Ms Jenny Tan, Director of PwC
Position in ISACA Singapore Chapter: Assistant Hon. Treasurer

The event had kicked off with the objective of ISACA Day 2015 by Ngo Tee Koon, the current President of TP-ISACA Student Interest Group. Mr Lance Peng then started off with a background introduction of himself and his fellow committee members.

After which, Ms Jenny took over and shared her experiences as an auditor. In the auditing industry, there are many different types of auditors such as the finance and operations auditors. She also mentioned that being an auditor can be stressful at times, but the pleasure of it comes from the travelling portion. External clients can come from different companies all over the world, and as an auditor, they would be able to travel frequently as part of their job scope! Ms Jenny also addressed certain misconceptions of an auditor. One misconception is that people may tend to think that the auditors are similar to a police officer where they go around “arresting” people for their wrongdoings. However, she explained that it’s not the case. An auditor plays a significant role to ensure that things are running in order, and should there be any discrepancies, the auditor would provide professional advises to the person-in-charge for the assigned task to run smoothly.

Ms Jenny explaining the requirements as an auditor

Following on, Mr Gerry Chng then shared his journey from a student to his current endeavour. He completed his degree studies in Communications Engineering and proceeded on with a job as an engineer. Despite being specialized in engineering, his passion still lies within the IT sector. Hence, he had decided to pursue his interest in the IT industry. The main aim of his speech is to inspire the student audience to either do what they love, or love what they do.

Mr Gerry Chng providing his speech

Mr Lance Peng then took over the time and shared the various certifications that was offered by the ISACA Singapore Chapter. Some professional certifications include CISA, CISM, CGEIT and CRISC. He also gave the audience an insight of ISACA Singapore Chapter, elaborating on the various activities that the committee are involved with.

Mr Lance Peng explaining the activities from ISACA Singapore Chapter

The event had concluded with refreshments being served. It was an insightful speech given by the guest speakers and once again the organizing committee would like to extend the gratitude to Mr Lance Peng, Mr Gerry Chng and Ms Jenny for the time taken off their schedule to share their knowledge and experiences to the students for ISACA Day 2015.

Mr Willie (TP’s Lecturer) engaging in small talks with Mr Gerry Chng
Refreshments served (1)
Refreshments served (2)

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