ISACA Student Group Annual General Meeting 2012

On the 26th of January, the annual general meeting for ISACA Student Group was held. The purpose of the meeting was to elect the new committee members for ISACA Student Group. The opening speech was given by the current President of ISACA Student Group, Teh Kaiwen who explained the roles and responsibilities of members in the ISACA Student Group according to the seniority.

After the opening speech, the list of nominees was shown for the respective positions. Each nominee gave an introductory speech for the position they chose. This year, two new committee positions were added. The two new positions are the Event Manager and Publicity Officer. After several rounds of anonymous voting, the list of new committee members for AY2012-2013 was out.

President                   – Yong Jia Jie
Vice-President          – Kwek Jing Yang
Secretary                   – Chopin Lim
Treasurer                  – Lee Wen Chong
Event Manager          – Li Chao Han
Publicity Officer        – Chan Jia Hui
Committee Member  – Darren Chan
Committee Member  – Low Wei Jie

Finally, the closing speech for the meeting was given by the succeeding President of ISACA Student Group, Yong Jia Jie. He congratulated all the new executive committee members of ISACA Student Group and mentioned that the new committee will strive hard to bring ISACA Student Group to new heights. He also asked the students and lecturers to continue to support future ISACA Student Group events as well as workshops to ensure everyone will excel together.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the people who cast their vote during the election. Once again, we would like to congratulate all the newly elected committee members for AY2012-2013 of ISACA Student Group!


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