Annual General Meeting 2015‏

On the 7th July 2015, the Annual General Meeting for Informatics and IT Studies Club (IITSC) was held at  the Auditorium 3. This meeting aims to not only introduce the new management committee of the IITSC but also present certificates and letter of appointments to the new batch of  committee members from various Student Interest Group including ISACA Student Group.

The new committee for ISACA Student Group AY 15/16  are as follows.

President: Ngo Tee Koon
Vice President(s): Lim Wei Han Ronald, Kok Li Wei Jannel
Secretary: Abigail See
Treasurer: Lim Yu Xi
Publicity Officer(s): Poh Kai Jun, Ho Yi Wei Janice
Events Manager: Andy Aw

Congratulations to all the new committee members for ISACA-TPSG!

Certification Presentation
Certification Presentation

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