On 23rd May 2014 (Friday), ISACA Day was held at LT1 from 12pm to 2pm. ISACA Day is an annual event of ISACA-TPSG which includes recruitment drive. Instead of having 1 speaker, we had 3 speakers. And surprisingly, all 3 speakers are ex-TP students. Although DFS-CDS Get Together Day is more successful than ISACA Day, there is about 20 people who attended including students and lecturers.

First speaker: Mr Ramesh Dharma, senior director of Visa (yes, the Visa that you see on your debit/credit card).

1995 was a memorable year for him as on this year, he entered TP. (I was born on 1995 too!) So Mr Ramesh started the talk by asking us the technology fun facts in 1995. He is really kind! He gave us some time to search the internet to find out the answers. So one guy from year 1 raised his hand and said that the first wiki was created in 1995. He got a prize. A water bottle. Looks damn nice. I was searching for more answers too. And yes, I got it. I got a Visa notebook. Very useful for me since I have to write notes. “Java was introduced in 1995”

After some “warm-up”, he started telling us about his journey as a student in TP and his first work experience. Most importantly, he also shared with us his 5 Steps Success Model. Something new for me to learn about. Let me also share with you his 5 Steps Success Model.

1) Find yourself a mentor – someone who can elevate your thinking and expose you to various options

2) Start looking at the big picture – what is your organisation trying to achieve? (Business focus)

3) Demonstrate security leadership – take ownership of critical projects

4) Showing initiative and impact security in tangible way – making a difference

5) Learning technical skills and important soft skills – package yourself as a complete professional

Have you learnt something from the above summary? Hope you did.

Next speaker: Mr Teh Kai Wen, ex-CDS student who graduated with the Lee Kuan Yew award, currently studying at SMU. In his talk, he covered on his journey in TP: diploma, innovation, leadership, internship and giving back.

Diploma: Interested in IT Security, GPA3.94, Dean’s List

Leadership: ISACA Student Group, Open Source Student Interest Group, etc

Internship: Interpol

Giving back: Overseas Community Service Project (Cambodia)

This is just a brief writeup on his talk.

The last speaker: Mr Sayed Hamzah, ex-CDS student (diploma with merit), currently studying at NTU. He worked in Interpol (France), RP Digital Security and iDA. In his student point of view, he thinks that exposure and specialization are very important as it helps in the future career development.

Exposure: Competitions/Workshops, Internships, and Talks/Meetups

Specialization: CCNA, Redhat, etc


1) Don’t think that school is enough to equip you for the future.

2) If the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

3) Stay hungry, stay foolish. Keep asking questions.

4) Expose yourself to all aspects of IT.

5) Get a life.

Pictures time!

20140523_121450 20140523_121444 20140523_121123 IMG-20140523-WA0034 IMG-20140523-WA0033

Teh Kai Wen, ex-president of ISACA-TPSG, featured in EDB Series on Key Industries Driving Singapore’s Economy

IMG-20140523-WA0022 IMG-20140523-WA0027

Lectures, speakers and Justman


Thank you, Mr Ramesh for coming down! 🙂

IMG-20140523-WA0031 IMG-20140523-WA0032

Sayed Hamzah, ex-president of OOSIG, who came down to give us a talk.


IMG-20140523-WA0003 IMG-20140523-WA0002 20140523_121500 20140523_122603 20140523_122556

The prize I’ve got!

20140523_121117 20140523_121531


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