DFS-CDS Get Together Day

DFS-CDS Get Together Day held on 16th May 2014 (Friday) at IT1-5-60/61 from 4pm to 6pm was a success! The two rooms are totally occupied. Thankfully, most who attended are freshies as this event is mainly organised for them. The year 2s and year 3s came to help out. I really regret not joining in earlier as I gotta attend a makeup lesson but when I went there around 4.30pm, the room was a bit “chaotic” as there is too many people which makes it kind of hard to manage.

Although this event was held after TP’s CCN Day, they do not look restless at all! Okay~ So what did we do on that day?

Firstly, the introduction started by Justman. It was a collaboration among ISACA-TPSG, OOSIG and AISP. There was competitions held on that day. OOSIG was in-charge of CARC competition, AISP hosted DCNK competition which was why I said this event was targeted at the freshies as this two competitions are year 1 modules. As for ISACA-TPSG, we are in-charge of handling the rest. For example, ordering of refreshments and the prizes (5 8GB thumbdrives) that were sponsored by ISACA Chapter.

Secondly, ta da~ The event started! All was so engrossed with it! (All thinking of winning) While the year 1s werebusying with their competition, the year 2s and year 3s went around helping them (giving them hints here and there) although some, instead, distracted them from their work. (so evil yea?)

Lastly, prizes time! So the year 1s are split into groups of 5. And only one can win. This group was good!

We have to sincerely thank the lecturers for coming down to support us, ISACA Chapter for sponsoring so many things for this event, OOSIG and AISP for planning the competition.

This mingling session between the two courses was a success! 🙂

Pictures time!



The one of the utmost right is president of ISACA-TPSG, Justman. There is the other blue shirt guy (third from the left), he was the president of OOSIG and the guy in red (second from the left) was the president of AISP. One of the winners has something on and left early. What a pity!


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