Senior Introductory Workshop 2014

So… Introductory workshop for seniors-to-be are also conducted on 14 April 2014 (9am to 6pm). This workshop prepares us with one of the upcoming modules that we will be having a lesson called “Applied Cryptography in E-services” (ACES). This module consists of python programming language which is quite new to most of us. (I heard the lecturers will assume we know python! :0)

First again, we have to thank the graduating seniors (Zhen Yong, Verbena and Khairul) for coming back to teach us. Secondly, we have to thank Ms Lock for booking the venue for us. And lastly, no lastly.

This python workshop is really beneficial to us as it gives us a better idea of how it works.

For instance,
num1 = int(raw_input(“Enter first number: “))

I can say.. Python exercises given by Zhen Yong is definitely not easy. And thanks to that, we get to know python better.

Image Image



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