Junior Introductory Workshop 2014

On the 7-9 April 2014, we conducted introductory workshops for the juniors by a group of seniors. The juniors will be learning Enterprise Networking (ENNK), Servers Administration and Security (SADS), Digital File Systems (DIFS). First, we have to thank those seniors-to-be for coming down to TP to teach those juniors. Secondly, we would also like to thank Ms Lock for booking the venue for us. Lastly, we do hope that the 3 day lessons are beneficial to the juniors-to-be.

On the first day, Keith and Darren taught ENNK. They taught them Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM). This subject is an advanced level of Data Communications and Networking (DCNK). In ENNK, VLSM allows IP address space to be divided into subnets of different sizes as compared to Fixed Length Subnet Mask (FLSM). This classful addressing helps to reduce IP address wastage. In addition, with the Cisco Packet Tracer Software, the juniors learnt about different network configurations such as #no shutdown.

On the second day, the juniors were taught SADS by Justman and Jonathan. This subject is somehow more difficult than ENNK as they have not used or touched Linux in their year 1 modules. Something new to them. Basic linux terminal codes and network configurations were taught. For instance, $ su – admin.

On the last day, Keith and Ian taught DIFS. In DIFS, FAT, NTFS and Ext2/3 were touched. However, due to time constraint, we were unable to compress the whole semester lesson into 1 day so we only touched on FAT32 file system. They were taught the basics and how to traverse thru the system.

These are the pictures that were captured (forgive them, the juniors-to-be are a bit bit shy):

IMG-20140414-WA0000 IMG-20140414-WA0006 IMG-20140414-WA0004 IMG-20140414-WA0003 IMG-20140414-WA0002


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