ISACA Monthly Seminar and Networking Dinner in February 2014

On the 18th of February, it was the ISACA Monthly Seminar and Networking Dinner which speaks on the theme of “How to be valuable” by leading professional services recruitment consultants. About 12 people from CDS and DFS went for the seminar at NLB.

The first speaker David Chew from Hydrogen, a global specialist recruitment business, shared with us about how they place people in different companies in over 70 countries. The second speaker Edmund Ang from FTG then shared about his career life from an IT auditor to working in a recruitment centre now and how he never left IT despite working in a recruitment centre. The third speaker Luke Partridge from MitchelLake Group then shared with us about what is branding.

Branding is about how you create a deep impression of yourself to others and hence making yourself valuable. Before the talk, there was also refreshments which were very nice as well. Therefore, it is really a good way to spend your evening if you are free. Not only do you get to listen to professionals share about something, you also get to eat. Thus, I would highly recommend everyone to go for ISACA Monthly Seminars and Networking Dinners as well. Dress Code is just smart casual and it is free! 🙂



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