ISACA Annual General Meeting 2014

On the 7th March 2014, the Annual General Meeting for ISACA-TPSG was held at LT1 at 2pm. The highlight of the AGM was to elect the new committee members for ISACA-TPSG. The opening speech was given by the current President of ISACA-TPSG, Kenneth Tan, who roundup the activities organised by ISACA-TPSG in AY2013/14.

After the opening speech, the list of nominees was shown for the positions that they are running for. Each of the nominee gave a speech to introduce themselves and talked about why they should be given the position. This year, the Publicity Officer and Events Manager are combined together to become one position, Publicity & Events Manager. After several rounds of anonymous voting, the list of the new committee members for AY2014/15 was out.

Below is the new committee elected by the old committee, Ms Lock and the students who attended the AGM.

President: Justman Ong (DFS Year 2)

Vice President: Ian See (DFS Year 2)

Secretary: Goh Zi Lin (DFS Year 2)

Treasurer: Waiting for Ms Lock to appoint!

Publicity & Events Manager: Jonathan Choo (DFS Year 2)

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the people who took their time to come for the AGM to vote for the new committee. Congratulations to the newly elected committee members for ISACA-TPSG. Please do give your support to them! 🙂

Kenneth Tan, the President of ISACA-TPSG AY2013/14.
Justman Ong, the newly elected President of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.
Ian See, the newly elected Vice-President of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.
Goh Zi Lin, the newly elected Secretary of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.
Jonathan Choo, the newly elected Publicity & Events Manager of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.

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