ISACA Meeting at Chicago

On 25th October 2013, ISACA hosted the Student and Academic Subcommittee (SAS) & Student Leaders Meeting at their Headquarters at Chicago. This meeting was attended by various SAS members and student leaders from around the world such as India, Peru and Puerto Rico. From Singapore, both Leonard, President of ISACA Singapore Chapter and myself, President of ISACA Temasek Polytechnic Student Group attended the meeting.

We went straight to the hotel via a cab where it was waiting to pick us up at the airport right after we had landed. Here are some pictures of the hotel.



The meeting was held for the next two days at ISACA’s Headquarters which was located near to the hotel where we discussed about the plans and strategies for the Academic Program. Various questions, ideas and recommendations was posed and discussed amongst us where we share our inputs with the attendees.




I am glad and thankful that I was given the opportunity to attend this meeting at ISACA HQ where I got to know the other student leaders, chapter presidents and as well as the SAS committee who are actively striving to bring better benefits to the student members and the Academic Program as a whole.





Some pictures of Schaumburg and the mall nearby



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