4th Annual ISACA Day

On the 24th of October 2013, ISACA student group Temasek polytechnic held ISACA day in the lecture theatre of Temasek Polytechnic. Interested students were all welcome to attend the event as the event was not limited to DFS students. We were privileged enough to have special speaker Mr David Cerasi, Director of I-Analysis to talk to us about his experience in the digital forensics  field and the many exciting prospects of Digital Forensic jobs in Singapore.

The event started off with Mr David Cerasi sharing his many experiences in the digital forensic field and what it was like to be an investigator. He kept students entertained with many of his interesting stories about his work and life. He also mentioned many important aspects of being a digital investigator such as having technical knowledge. Besides that, he also mentioned about the many exciting prospects about the future of IT and digital forensics. Through his engaging talk, many of the attendees gained much insight into what awaited them in the future.

Following Mr David’s interactive talks, the DFS seniors were invited to show their projects in which they had done for their MP. The first project showcased the analysis of timeline and meta data of files in a Windows system which would help investigators determine what activities took place in the folder. The first team also took effort in advising freshmen and juniors about potential pitfalls while doing MP. The second project showcased a website with the ability to cache websites which would allow the investigators to keep hashes of the content of the website. This would allow investigators to log a website in its current stage and would give the ability to compare a website in its current state as compared to its former logged state.

After the project sharing session, we were told that ISACA was giving away a number of free ISACA student memberships. Students were highly encouraged to sign up for said membership as doing so would greatly bolster their prospects within the industry as it creates more opportunity for them to forge connections with the professionals within the industry.

The event ended with refreshments provided outside.

At the end of the day, the event provided much insight onto working life as a digital forensic analyst with the participants learning about the many aspects, advantages and pitfalls of a digital investigator. The MP’s done by our seniors also served as a motivation for the participants to study hard as it showed the immense amount of knowledge and time that was needed in order to complete the projects. We felt that the event turned out great and everyone had an informative and wonderful evening that day! We will do our best to make the next ISACA day even better.

We would like to thank the following people for making the event a success: Tee Koon, Jannel, Jacky, Darren, Kenneth, Verbena, Gerald, Ian, Jonathan and those who attended the event as well as Ms Lock Hun Ya along with those who we might have forgotten to mention. Below are some photos taken during the 4th Annual ISACA Day.

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