ISACA Monthly Dinner in April 2013

ISACA Monthly Dinner in April 2013: Advances in Digital Forensics

The ISACA monthly dinner of April 2013 was the first computer related seminar I had attended. I studied Diploma relating to digital forensics which was why I was there for the talk titled “Advances in Digital Forensics” given by Darren Cerasi and Alan Dang of I-Analysis Pte Ltd, which is also the authorized training partner and reseller for Guidance Software. I was eager to hear what a real life digital forensics investigator has to share about his experiences and point of view of digital forensics and how similar or different are they compared to what I have learnt and heard about in school.

Darren started off with explaining about what digital forensics is about so that the audience will have a general idea of what it is. He then proceeded to talk about the tools and proper methods used to conduct investigations to ensure that the evidence collected can be used in court.

Along the way Darren also shared with us his experiences with people and companies whom he had to work with during his investigations. His stories made me understand that forensics is not a straightforward thing to do and there is a lot of critical thinking and reasoning involved.

At the end of the talk Darren and Alan showed the audience devices used for digital forensics known as write blockers. We also had a pleasant chat with both Darren and Alan whom were generous with providing knowledge to us. I feel that the entire evening was time well spent and I will gladly go to events like this in the future.


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