All ‘Bout Security Seminar 2013

The All ‘Bout Security (ABS) Seminar 2013 was held on 13th March and it marks the second time I have attended the seminar event. Just like every ABS, speakers from the I.T Security industry are invited to give a talk on current security standards and ways to protect our digital assets.

This year, the main topic of the seminar revolves around Mobile and Application security. The seminar kicked off with Vincent Tay from Balanced Consultancy Pte Ltd giving a talk about security frameworks using mobile devices.

The next speaker is Christopher Low from ThinkSECURE Pte Ltd who gave a talk on Mobile Security.

After both speakers have finished discussing on the topic of mobile security, it set me thinking:” All the time we use mobile devices in our everyday life, we are also exposing ourselves to some form of danger when we download apps without consideration. At the same time, mobile devices can also aid us in many forms of operations.”

The last speaker, Cecil Su, from MAISP e-Cop Singapore gave a talk on Application Security. As a student from the I.T security field, it is refreshing to learn about application security once again when listening to Mr Su talk about application security development cycles and other relevant ways of protecting application development.

Overall, the ABS seminar has always been an eye-opener experience for me as each year’s topics discussed in the seminar are always changing. With that, I look forward to next year’s All ‘Bout Security to broaden my experience and knowledge in I.T security.


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