Interview with Teh Kaiwen

The Lee Kuan Yew Award is an award presented to the Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident with best performance in mathematics and science modules, while maintaining a consistently good overall academic performance throughout the course of study at the polytechnic.

This year, we have a winner representing the School of Informatics & IT and he is non other than Teh Kaiwen. Aside from his outstanding academic performance, he has also contributed endlessly to ISACA Student Group @ Temasek Polytechnic by planning events and workshops as the position of the President in the year of AY 2011. Furthermore, his project on Facebook Forensic has earned him the Tan Kah Kee’s Young Inventor’s Silver Award.  With his busy schedule on hand, we have managed to find time to interview him about his thoughts on winning the Lee Kuan Yew Award.

Question 1:

Tell us about your feelings and thoughts after winning the Lee Kwan Yew Award.


“It came as a surprise, because even though I have done quite a lot in both my studies and cca, there were other people who were capable of getting this award as well. I think it might be my interview performance that helped with getting the award.”

Question 2:

What do you think a student should do or achieve in order to win the Lee Kwan Yew Award?


“I believe that instead of just focusing on their studies, they should also get engaged in community service and contribute to the school by participating and organizing events. I think these areas are important because they actually give good leadership experience that you can’t get from just the academic side alone.”

Question 3:

There has been a lot of attention on the application that you are working on, can you tell us more about Facebook Forensics?


“Facebook Forensics was conceived after I came back from my attachment with INTERPOL and was asked to do a forensics related project due to my experience with the area at INTERPOL. I decided on developing a Facebook centric forensics tool as it was more popular than other social networking sites such as Twitter. The goal of Facebook Forensics is to download user information from Facebook and provide the mechanisms to analyze and search through the data as Facebook themselves do not provide a very conducive search tool for user data.”

Question 4:

What are your plans after graduation from Temasek Polytechnic?


“I’m planning to pursue a degree in a local university and I am currently considering the offers by NUS, NTU and SMU.”


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