Govware Seminar 2011: Navigating The Brave New Cyber World

During the Semester Vacation, some people were lucky to get a pass to the Govware Seminar. The Govware Seminar was held on the 27th to 29th September. There were many talks and also a competition which was held on the 27th September.

Other than that, the most memorable and unforgettable seminar that day was the talk about “The New Threat Landscape” by Unmesh Deshmukh, a Director of Security Sales in Asia Pacific & Japan, Symantec. He started the talk by joking with his name which caught everyone’s attention. He talked about why and how hackers hack computers/become a victim and the prevention of being a victim of hacking. Sometimes even going to a website already made you a victim. Therefore, it’s always best to hover over a link before clicking it. Throughout Mr Unmesh’s entire seminar, everyone was paying attention, laughing and clapping because of his charisma and humor on stage.

In conclusion, there were lots of valuable experiences to learn from this Govware Seminar, not just gaining more knowledge from the seminars. First there was the “Never Give Up” spirit then next there was the charisma of public speaking. Hopefully, all the TP students who went there would be able to gain these valuable experiences and put it to use in other things like studies etc. For those who didn’t get the chance to go this year, remember to go next year!


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