ISACA Networking Talk 19/01/2011

On the 19th January 2011, ISACA Singapore held it monthly and networking event with Mr. Ronald van Kleunen as the main speaker for the topic ‘Wireless Security Risk and End-to-End Wireless Security Solution in Enterprise’. To the start of the New Year, there were close to 50 people attending!

How do organizations protect themselves against Wireless attacks, Rogue Access Points (AP), Smartphone’s iPhones, iPads in the office and ensure end-to-end compliancy with international Security standards (like PCI-DSS, SOX, ISO 27001:2005)?

There were not only captains in the IT field who attended, Singapore Polytechnic students were also among the audiences including our very own ISACA juniors and freshmen.

Mr Ron van Kleunen, Business Development Manager for the wireless service & security business overseeing the Motorola Air Defense portfolio in Asia Pacific, addresses on how we can secure our wireless infrastructure in a manageable way.

The presentation also addresses the wireless security risks and how organizations can be notified and protect themselves using a solution driven and vendor agnostic solution which applies to any wireless WiFi-network that need to be secured end-to-end.

Mr Ron showing a slide about managing wireless security within an organization.

There was also hands on done by Mr Ron, which captured our attention as we are able to see what are the devices that are currently connected to the APs.

Mr Ron van Kleunen (in the black coat) with the attendees
To sum it up, the talk was very relevant to our studies and we have learned a lot from Mr Ron. Not only the presentation is an eye-opener, we managed to catch up with students from Singapore Polytechnic who also have a strong interest in IT security like us.

Mr Ron receiving a token of appreciation from Daryl Pereira (President of ISACA Singapore Chapter)

President, Vice President, ISACA members from ISACA TPSC, and students from SP


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