Singapore Chapter Helps Start a New ISACA Student Group at Temasek Polytechnic

Congratulations to the Singapore Chapter on helping to start the new
Temasek Polytechnic ISACA Student Group—the fourth such group

The Singapore Chapter put together an impressive effort, coordinated
by its Academic Relations Subcommittee; Chris Loo, academic relations
director for the chapter; and Kenneth Eio, chapter member. Support was
also provided by Daryl Pereira, the Singapore Chapter president, and
Larry Lam, immediate past president of the Singapore Chapter. The
group identified a teacher at Temasek Polytechnic who was interested
in serving as an ISACA Academic Advocate and faculty advisor and
students who were interested in starting a group on campus. With the
help of the local chapter, this group was officially organized and
recognized as the Temasek Polytechnic ISACA Student Group in October
of this year.

Other chapters that support ISACA student groups on campuses include:
North East Ohio (USA) Chapter—University of Akron Student Group
Silicon Valley (California, USA) Chapter—San Jose State Student Group
Greater Cincinnati (Ohio, USA) Chapter—Miami University Student Group
Several other student groups outside of the US are also pending
official organization and recognition.


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