PKI Dinner and Talk Session

from left, Ng Keng Yian (ex TP student with ernst and young now),
Audrey (ISACA Singapore Chapter Assistant Treasurer),
Ramiah Marappan (ISACA Singapore Chapter Assistant Treasurer),
Benjamin (ISACA Student Group President),
Foo Jong Ai (Speaker for PKI Applications, Governance and Operations),
Nuruddin Mazlan (ISACA Student Group Vice President),
Jun Xiang (TP Student),
Zhong Min (TP Student),
Hamzah (TP Student),
Brandon Lum (TP graduate),
Eric Svetcov (Speaker for Cloud Security – Management Perspective at ISACA TACS conference),
Ravi Chakrovarthy Tirumalai (ISACA Singapore Chapter Director – Programs (Conferences)),
Cher Hui (TP Student),
Praveen Dayal (ISACA Singapore Chapter Director – Programs (Seminars)),
Ricky Eng (ISACA member)

PKI is the best solution available today which addresses the key issues of authentication, confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation required for secure e-commerce transactions.” is one of the key conclusions of IDA report published in February 2001

Though PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) seems quite a common term used in the IT security industry, this talk provided even a more deeper insight to how PKI has evolved, from mple private-public key pairs to complexed encryption techniques with the usage of digital certificates and hashing.

Also, the speaker, Mr Foo Jong Ai, CEO of Netrust, presented on how PKI is actually used in almost every business function in Singapore, from government-encrypted emails to secure B2B transactions, and even the Singapore ePassport. The talk was truly an eye-opener and such knowledge could be obtained by attending such talks as this.


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