Security Exploit Workshop 27th September 2010

On the 27 of September, the AISPSC and the ISACA Student Group jointly held a Security Exploit Workshop at the Temasek Polytechnic’s IBM lab for the Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security freshmen. The number of turnouts was encouraging and they enjoyed the workshop.

Freshmen at the workshop, equipped with laptops, ready to start

The workshop covered several forms of security exploit. Namely we had the windows magnifier exploit which had been proven and demonstrated in secondary school outreach done by AiSPSC, the BruteSSH exploit and the VNC exploit. A presenter from ISACA Student Group, Teh Kaiwen, even managed to complete some of the renowned hACME games online with the freshmen.

Some of the presenters and helpers at the workshop (Above, Teh Kaiwen of ISACA Student Group; Top, Brendon Koh and Sayed Hamzah from Dip CDS)

It was interesting to note that these exploits were done by student presenters from both clubs. To undertake such a program, it clearly showed the level of maturity of the clubs even though they were just newly formed.

Freshmen trying hands-on on the exploits

With such an enriching flow of program throughout the day, the freshmen returned home packed with some interesting knowledge that could come in useful in their pursue for knowledge whilst in the diploma.




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