Dinner Talks and Networking Session – The 27001 Supremacy: Standard for Information Security Management System (ISMS)

from left to right, Mr Larry’s student, Mr Larry Lam, ex-president for ISACA SG (he’s currently adjunct professor at NUS), Mr Larry’s student, Daryl Pereira, current president for ISACA SG, Nuruddin, Cher Hui, Benjamin Lee, Chris Ng(speaker), Boris Link VP for ISACA SG, Praveen Daval, Director for Programs (Seminar) ISACA SG, Audrey Dong, Assistant Secretary for ISACA SG, Ravi Tirumalai, Director for Programs (Conferences) ISACA SG, John Lim, Director for Marketing ISACA SG, Mr Larry’s student
We had an eventful dinner talks and networking session on 19th Aug, where as seen in the picture above, many of the management team of ISACA SG were present and we were able to network with them as well as to ask questions with regards to the auditing field

The talk gave us an overview of the ISO 27001 standard,  a quick comparison of ISO 27001 with some of the other ISO standards and attempts to clear some of the misconceptions of the applicability of the standard. The talk also highlights the ISO 27001 certification process and the relevant requirements and preparations which are required by an organization before getting ready to go for the certification.


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