Syscan CTF Competition 2010

Student representatives from ISACA Student Group (TP), AISP Student Chapter (TP) and Open Source Student Interest Group formed teams and took part in the Syscan Capture The Flag  Competition 2010 which had a grand prize of SGD$10000 to be won!

Teams were required to defend their network infrastructure and implement defense policies and techniques to deter attackers from compromising their network. Each team is made up of two defenders and one attacker. The attacker will attempt to cause damage to the opponents infrastructure by hacking into their server or capturing sensitive information (flags) to submit to the scoring server. It was a 2 days event and students as well as industry professionals kept their eyes glued on their laptops in an attempt to defend or attack other teams.

Teams, WizMe & HackTards led by students from ISACA Student Group TP manage to win the second and third place in the competition respectively. We look forward to winning the first place next year. Onward hackers!


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