Data Protection Talk by Mr Hoo Chuan Wei 28 April 2010

The students of Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security were lucky to get the chance to attend a talk organised by ISACA Student Group TP on data protection.  The invited speaker is Mr Hoo Chuan Wei and his talk is about “How to prevent data from being stolen?”

Mr Hoo is an adjunct lecturer teaching Server Administration in TP.
Apart from that he has rich experience with more than 10 years in the areas of IT security management, policies and fraud as well as forensic investigation.
Not to mention the various distinguished MNCs from various industries he worked for that includes telecomm and banking. Clearly, the students present were engaged by the interesting experience he shared coupled with his deep knowledge about security. He is due to present this very topic in multiple renowned conferences this year such as the Info Security Conference 2010 on 6 May 2010 at Grand Hyatt, Singapore and the CSI Annual World Conference 2010 – International Cyber & Economic Crime Conference, which will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June 2010. Our students are indeed fortunate because such conferences cost about $1000 per person and the fact that Mr Hoo has kindly agreed to share his knowledge and experience to TP students without payment is much appreciated.


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