Senior Introductory Workshop 2014

So… Introductory workshop for seniors-to-be are also conducted on 14 April 2014 (9am to 6pm). This workshop prepares us with one of the upcoming modules that we will be having a lesson called “Applied Cryptography in E-services” (ACES). This module consists of python programming language which is quite new to most of us. (I heard the lecturers will assume we know python! :0)

First again, we have to thank the graduating seniors (Zhen Yong, Verbena and Khairul) for coming back to teach us. Secondly, we have to thank Ms Lock for booking the venue for us. And lastly, no lastly.

This python workshop is really beneficial to us as it gives us a better idea of how it works.

For instance,
num1 = int(raw_input(“Enter first number: “))

I can say.. Python exercises given by Zhen Yong is definitely not easy. And thanks to that, we get to know python better.

Image Image


Junior Introductory Workshop 2014

On the 7-9 April 2014, we conducted introductory workshops for the juniors by a group of seniors. The juniors will be learning Enterprise Networking (ENNK), Servers Administration and Security (SADS), Digital File Systems (DIFS). First, we have to thank those seniors-to-be for coming down to TP to teach those juniors. Secondly, we would also like to thank Ms Lock for booking the venue for us. Lastly, we do hope that the 3 day lessons are beneficial to the juniors-to-be.

On the first day, Keith and Darren taught ENNK. They taught them Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM). This subject is an advanced level of Data Communications and Networking (DCNK). In ENNK, VLSM allows IP address space to be divided into subnets of different sizes as compared to Fixed Length Subnet Mask (FLSM). This classful addressing helps to reduce IP address wastage. In addition, with the Cisco Packet Tracer Software, the juniors learnt about different network configurations such as #no shutdown.

On the second day, the juniors were taught SADS by Justman and Jonathan. This subject is somehow more difficult than ENNK as they have not used or touched Linux in their year 1 modules. Something new to them. Basic linux terminal codes and network configurations were taught. For instance, $ su – admin.

On the last day, Keith and Ian taught DIFS. In DIFS, FAT, NTFS and Ext2/3 were touched. However, due to time constraint, we were unable to compress the whole semester lesson into 1 day so we only touched on FAT32 file system. They were taught the basics and how to traverse thru the system.

These are the pictures that were captured (forgive them, the juniors-to-be are a bit bit shy):

IMG-20140414-WA0000 IMG-20140414-WA0006 IMG-20140414-WA0004 IMG-20140414-WA0003 IMG-20140414-WA0002

ISACA Annual General Meeting 2014

On the 7th March 2014, the Annual General Meeting for ISACA-TPSG was held at LT1 at 2pm. The highlight of the AGM was to elect the new committee members for ISACA-TPSG. The opening speech was given by the current President of ISACA-TPSG, Kenneth Tan, who roundup the activities organised by ISACA-TPSG in AY2013/14.

After the opening speech, the list of nominees was shown for the positions that they are running for. Each of the nominee gave a speech to introduce themselves and talked about why they should be given the position. This year, the Publicity Officer and Events Manager are combined together to become one position, Publicity & Events Manager. After several rounds of anonymous voting, the list of the new committee members for AY2014/15 was out.

Below is the new committee elected by the old committee, Ms Lock and the students who attended the AGM.

President: Justman Ong (DFS Year 2)

Vice President: Ian See (DFS Year 2)

Secretary: Goh Zi Lin (DFS Year 2)

Treasurer: Waiting for Ms Lock to appoint!

Publicity & Events Manager: Jonathan Choo (DFS Year 2)

Last but not least, we would like to thank all the people who took their time to come for the AGM to vote for the new committee. Congratulations to the newly elected committee members for ISACA-TPSG. Please do give your support to them! :)


Kenneth Tan, the President of ISACA-TPSG AY2013/14.


Justman Ong, the newly elected President of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.


Ian See, the newly elected Vice-President of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.


Goh Zi Lin, the newly elected Secretary of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.


Jonathan Choo, the newly elected Publicity & Events Manager of ISACA-TPSG AY2014/15.

ISACA Monthly Seminar and Networking Dinner in February 2014

On the 18th of February, it was the ISACA Monthly Seminar and Networking Dinner which speaks on the theme of “How to be valuable” by leading professional services recruitment consultants. About 12 people from CDS and DFS went for the seminar at NLB.

The first speaker David Chew from Hydrogen, a global specialist recruitment business, shared with us about how they place people in different companies in over 70 countries. The second speaker Edmund Ang from FTG then shared about his career life from an IT auditor to working in a recruitment centre now and how he never left IT despite working in a recruitment centre. The third speaker Luke Partridge from MitchelLake Group then shared with us about what is branding.

Branding is about how you create a deep impression of yourself to others and hence making yourself valuable. Before the talk, there was also refreshments which were very nice as well. Therefore, it is really a good way to spend your evening if you are free. Not only do you get to listen to professionals share about something, you also get to eat. Thus, I would highly recommend everyone to go for ISACA Monthly Seminars and Networking Dinners as well. Dress Code is just smart casual and it is free! :)


ACE Certification Workshop

On the 28th February 2014 and 3rd March 2014, we had the ACE Certification Workshop taught by the DFS seniors who have taken the ACE Certification. 23 people passed the test on 28th February and 12 people passed on 3rd March. However, there are a total of 56 people from DFS who are ACE Certified of which 23 are seniors and 33 are juniors. Congratulations to all of them.

ACE Certification is actually a free certification which is to be taken online. It is a 90 minutes test of 40 MCQ questions. However, the test have both theory and practical questions. The practical questions will make use of FTK, FTK Imager, Registry Viewer and PRTK to analyse a given image. However, other than FTK Imager, the other three tools need license and TP has the license. Hence, if anyone wants to take the certification, please let those people who are certified know or wait for the next workshop planned by the juniors who are certified.

Lastly, we would like to thank some people. First of all, we would like to thank Gerald who created a VM with all the tools installed for the ACE Certification. There were also a set of notes given to the students which was done by the first batch of seniors who took the ACE certification so thanks to all of them namely Cherri Chew, Crystal Tan, Jerlyn Peh, Kiki Yuen, Verbena Ong, Gerald Quek, Jordan Chong, Khairul Anwar and Tan Zhen Yong. We would also like to thank Derek, Charmine and Mr Lim for setting up the laptops for the instructors. Not to forget Ms Lock and Mr Seah for helping us to open the doors to SITSA Lab. Thanks to them or we would be stuck outside the lab. Last but not least, we would like to thank all the helpers for helping out in this workshop namely Charmine Kee, Siti Nur’ Aliah, Ashari Adnan, Derek Chan, Gerald Quek, Tan Zhen Yong and Verbena Ong and also thanks to all the students who attended the workshop during the holidays! Thanks everyone! :)

Happy Holidays! :)


Students who passed the ACE Certification on 28th February!


Students who passed the ACE Certification on 3rd March!

All ‘Bout Security Seminar 2014

Hello everyone!


The 6th All ‘Bout Security Seminar 2014 is here again! The theme “Emerging Cyber Threats, Defense & Response: Are You Prepared?” was selected to highlight the importance of adopting cyber security measures in an organization. 
The All ‘Bout Security Seminar, organised by students from Temasek Polytechnic’s Diploma in Cyber & Digital Security and Digital Forensics, is a student-driven initiative which seeks to promote overall awareness in Information Security through a series of talks conducted by industry professionals and experts. 
The details for the event are as follows: 
Date                : 18 March 2014 
Time                : 9.00am – 1.00pm 
Location          : Temasek Polytechnic, Auditorium 2 

Event Schedule

09.00 AM – 09.30 AM
09.30 AM – 09.45 AM
Guests to be seated
09.45 AM – 09.55 AM
Opening of All ‘Bout Security Seminar 2014
09.55 AM – 10.40 AM
Under Cyber Attack
Gerry Chng
Ernst & Young Singapore
10.40 AM – 11.10 AM
Refreshment Break
11.10 AM – 11.55 AM
Responding to Cyber Attacks!
Anthony Chan
e-Cop Pte Ltd
11.55 AM – 12.40 PM
Partners In Crime: The Fight Against Financial Cybercrime
Phoram Mehta
ISACA Singapore Chapter
12.40 PM – 1.00 PM
For ISACA and ISC2 members, this seminar qualifies for CPE credits.
We look forward to seeing you at the Seminar.

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Subjects Introductory Workshops for Juniors 2013

Last Thursday and Friday, we had the introductory workshops for juniors. A group of DFS seniors came back to school to teach the juniors 2 subjects that they will be learning after this term break which is Digital Media Forensics (DMF) and Investigation Methodology and Techniques (INVMT).

On the first day, the seniors gave the juniors a taste of what is image processing for DMF. Though there were technical difficulties from the start because of sudden events that happened, the day still managed to go on smoothly with the juniors learning more things than before they come.

On the second day, the seniors taught the juniors tools that they have not used before and gave some advice on what to take note of for INVMT. Although the second day did not go as well as expected, hopefully the juniors still managed to learn some things from it.

Lastly, we would like to thank some people. First of all, we would like to thank Ms Lock for helping us to book the venue. Next, we would like to thank Mr Kenneth and Mr Kenneth (there are two Mr Kenneth) for helping us open the door to the lab and providing us the DMF ova. Then we would also like to thank Zi Lin who helped us inform the classes about this workshop. Also, we would like to thank all the seniors who went back to help out for this workshop, especially Gerald for preparing the virtual machines for the workshop and still came back on the second day to help despite being sick. The virtual machine for INVMT was setup by him all the way from creating the virtual machine, installing tools in it to exporting it as ova. Special thanks to him. Also not to forget the instructor for DMF and INVMT, Quentin and Ash respectively, who prepared and taught the juniors DMF and INVMT. Thanks to him, the juniors really learned a lot. Thanks to the photographer, Charmine, for taking photos and thanks to all the seniors for walking around to help the juniors. Last but not least, we would like to thank the juniors who attend this workshop during their term break. Thanks everyone! :)

Merry Christmas! :)

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